LCCI-AZ Facebook Rules


Lambda Car Club International – Central Arizona Region

Facebook Page Posting Guidelines: 

The LCCI Central Arizona Region’s Facebook Page is intended to welcoming and enjoyable to all who participate. The page is also a public face of the group, and quite likely the most visible one, as any member of Facebook will be able to look in and see what we’ve been up to and what our club is all about.

Feel free to post anything you think would be of interest to the members of our car club, though as this is a car club, ideally it should be car-related. As a guideline, we ask that whatever you post should be suitable to be viewed in a workplace. It should go without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway: racism, sexism, and threats of violence have no place on our page, and please, no pornography!

Feel free to tag yourself in photos if you wish, but we would ask that you do not tag others who might not wish to be identified in a given photo, they may be have been having a bad hair day! Assume that whoever wishes to be tagged in a photo will do so themselves.

Spam sucks. Please don’t post spam to our page. If you are selling your car or have seen something of legitimate interest, by all means post away, but abuse of this forum will not be tolerated and violators will be banned.

If you have a disagreement with another user of the page, please do not engage in a flame war on the club’s wall, you can hash out a disagreement with an individual via private message or email, not on our public page. All posts and comments will be reviewed by an administrator, though as this is a manual process, it cannot possibly be done instantaneously in real time. If you see something you feel doesn’t belong, are being harassed, or anything else that you would like to report, contact one of the administrators via Facebook PM or email for an immediate response.

Current Facebook Page Administrators:
Roger Klein
Eddy Torr
Donovan Wood

Badmouthing the club, the club’s executive board, or the club’s Facebook administrators on the club’s public Facebook wall will not be tolerated. If you disagree with a decision made by a Facebook administrator and are unable to resolve it with them, please take your complaint to the next level by sending an email to the club’s Social Media Director at: and/or the club’s Membership Director at: It is not the intention of this rule to stifle healthy debate or constructive criticism, rather it is to put the best of the club, its interests and activities on display on this PUBLIC forum.

Members who have posts or comments removed will be contacted by one of the Facebook administrators with an explanation of why it was removed so that they will have a firm grasp of what they did that caused the deletion. Habitual offenders will be banned from posting on the club’s Facebook Group Page. Appeals of bans, and complaints about decisions made by Facebook page administrators shall take place offline, either through email correspondence with the club’s executive board, or in person at the club’s monthly business meetings.

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