LCCI Central Arizona Region 2014-15 Board of Directors Election Results

LCCI Central Arizona Region
A message from Roger Klein:

As secretary of LCCI Central Arizona Region, and administrator of the 2014-15 Board of Directors Election which ended on 9/20/14, I am reporting the results of the election to you.

This year for the first time, we utilized an online voting processor, Election Buddy, for the collection of votes, and I am quite pleased to report that there were no issues whatsoever with the system itself.

Email Ballots were issued to each member, and to each associate member for whom we had an email address on file.

Associate members for whom we did not have email addresses were issued “paper ballots,” that is uniquely link-coded ballots for each, and those ballots were manually emailed to the associate member c/o the primary member.

As the Election Buddy system does not allow for significant changes to the voter rolls once the election is running, I also generated 10 provisional “paper ballots” to be used under extenuating circumstances, though fortunately they were not needed.

The election began with the issuance of 112 email ballots, 13 Associate “paper ballots,” and the 10 provisional “paper ballots.”

Our election received 79 ballots submitted out of 125 eligible ballots, a roughly 62% participation rate.

Election Results:

Steve Moore- 75 votes
4 abstentions.

Vice President:
Kent – 66 votes
13 abstentions.

Membership Director:
Larry Huber- 68 votes
11 abstentions

Joe Machi- 43 votes (55.8%)
Eric Thomas- 34 votes (44.2%)
2 abstentions

Roger Klein- 73 votes
6 abstentions

We also solicited member input on what nights would work best for them for the monthly membership meeting and provided space for them to anonymously comment. Given the seemingly unlimited permutations available, in the interest of brevity and sanity I kept the choices somewhat limited. Here are the votes cast for each choice, in order of prominence:

I don’t have a preference: 27 votes – 36.5%

Holding the meeting on the first Friday of the month works best for me: 20 votes – 27.0%

I am unlikely to attend monthly meetings, regardless of what day it is held on: 12 votes – 16.2%

Thursday works best for me: 5 votes – 6.8%

Another Friday (2nd, 3rd, 4th) would be better for me: 4 votes – 5.4%

Saturday works best for me: 3 votes – 4.1%

Sunday works best for me: 2 votes – 2.7%

Tuesday works best for me: 1 votes – 1.4%

Wednesday works best for me: 0 votes – 0.0%

Monday works best for me: 0 votes – 0.0%

Abstained: 5

Some highlights and points made in the comments:

It was pointed out that one of the reasons holding the meeting on the first Friday of the month works, is because the 5&Diner does music and dancing on the first Friday, and are unable to accommodate our usual Friday meet up.

It was suggested by many people that a the meeting be moved to a “more central location.”

A later start time was also suggested, 7PM rather than 6PM, to allow those who are traveling from further away to get there and eat before the meeting.

Having the meeting not tied to a specific day of every month was suggested by several people (Friday one month, Thursday the next, etc.)

It was pointed out that for those traveling from further away and for out of town members, weekends are easiest, with less traffic and those from outside the valley more able to make the trip.

Many people amended their answers in their comments e.g. “Any week night except first Friday” and “anything but weekends and Mondays” and “Friday, Saturday and Sunday all work,” so the percentages above should not be taken as absolute, rather they represent a rough approximation of the group’s sentiment.

I will bring my laptop to the October General Membership Meeting on 10/3/14, and I will review both the results and the voting process for our club’s members, and answer any questions they might have.

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